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What Are The Most Common Posture Problems And The Best Ways to Fix Them

Bad posture is a surprisingly common issue, with back and shoulder pain being one of the leading causes of disability worldwide. It’s particularly common in those whose lives feature repetitive actions, or those who spend long periods of time sat down.

Luckily, many of the issues associated with bad posture can be treated with exercise or corrective equipment, and rarely result in surgery. Here is a list of the 4 most common posture problems, and how to fix them.

What Are The Symptoms Of Bad Posture?

The 4 Most Common Posture Problems

Rounded Shoulders


Over-Pronated Feet(Flat Feet)

Hip Tilt




What Are The Symptoms Of Bad Posture?

The symptoms of bad posture are quite varied, and because everyone’s back curves differently, many people won’t experience them all. Bad posture is usually a gradual problem, with people developing bad habits as they age.

These will be things like slouching when sitting, or not picking your feet up properly when you walk. Over time, they result in muscles tensing and shortening, and joints become worn in the wrong places. If you catch them early enough, you can make lifestyle adjustments to prevent any further issues.

The most common symptoms of bad posture are:

  • Back pain (most commonly the lower back)
  • Pain in the knees/hips
  • Knees pointing inwards when you stand
  • Rounded shoulders
  • Neck pain
  • General aches and pains
  • The feeling of sticking your stomach out when you stand

Not everyone will experience all of these symptoms, and it will depend entirely on the issues with your posture. There are some quick tests you can do that will give you an idea of your posture problems. Once you have worked this out, you can take the appropriate steps to correct them.

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